Showgirl Awakening: On Stage is a program for
the woman who is ready to shine and
own her radiant glory. 
In the spotlight. 
On stage.

  On the surface?

It's about learning and performing Hot Pink Feathers troupe Showgirl dance
choreographies onstage in a fully produced theater show. 
Sporting a fancy, professionally designed Showgirl costume.

But really?

It's about reveling in your body and
revealing your true Radiant Essence,
in the safe community of an intimate Showgirl Sisterhood,
led by a loving Showgirl Shaman.


Showing up at the theater for dress rehearsal, the very theater you are going to perform several showgirl troupe dances in for a live audience, made up of your invited friends and loved ones, and those of your Showgirl Sisters!  

Putting on your fishnets and your dazzling costume.
Testing out your shoes on the floor, getting the feel for your very own stage. 

Feeling the theater lights warm you and gaining confidence as you rehearse the dances, in formation with your Showgirl Sisters, receiving love and support from your production team:  Ty, Maddie, & Kellita.

Run through the curtain call dance, already hearing the applause that awaits you on show night!


It’s Show Night and you are about to go on stage. 

 You heart is fluttering and you have some butterflies in your tummy,
but mostly you feel excited to take the stage, because you are ready. 

Ready to Show Up & Shine! 

You have practiced and polished and these powerful feminine showgirl movements are now your own. 
You now speak Showgirl!  Your body is thrilled to have this new, tangible expression of
the Radiance & Presence that you’ve always had inside.

It’s time to take to the stage now.  Kellita is introducing your troupe! 
One last deep breath before you step out in confidence and graceful glee....

  • You’re back in the greenroom changing out of Showgirl wear into your afterparty dress...

    You just finished the show and received wild applause and mad hugs from both those you know and those who just met you tonight!  WOW!  Whatever just happened has set your bar for the level of Awesome you are ready to receive both on and offstage…

  • It’s the next day.

    You’re at work and a colleague comments on the spot of glitter you have to the left of your eye.  You smile, feeling an even greater glow inside, knowing that the glitter on your face hardly compares to the inner sparkle you’ve now unleashed…

  • Participation Details

    Included in tuition:

    Eight hours semi-private Instruction 
    Professionally designed costume rental
    Professional 2-camera video shoot 
    Professional digital photo stills
    Fully produced tech & dress rehearsal
    Fully produced theater show
    Your Awakening Inner Showgirl 

    Showgirl Sisterhood 

    1/16 7-10pm; 1/30 & 2/6 7-9:30pm in SF
    (potential EXTRA show on Fat Tuesday 2/13!)
    Tech/Dress Rehearsal  2/16 daytime
    Theater Show 2/18 evening

    Tuition $597
    Early Bird Tuition $497 (until January 9)

    (2-payment plan available)

    *** Limited Enrollment ***

    Sign me up!

    "To walk into a sisterhood was amazing...
    This is empowerment on a much
    bigger scale than I ever could have thought...
    It’s like sexy on your own terms.” 
    ~Zoe Y.



    “This is a life experience that
    will bring out a beauty
    that you may not have known
    you possessed.” 
    ~Nasrin E.


    “It doesn’t matter what you look like…it’s all about your confidence and how you are inside and that’s what makes you beautiful…I think everybody in society days that, but dancing with these women has taught me to believe that…”
    ~Sharon B.


    “Kellita makes you feel like an experienced dancer, even if you aren't!  She knows bodies and how to break things down in order to express the pure, simple dance lines that are naturally in your body and it will feel GOOD.  Like coming home to your own personal sparkly palace.  The community of dancers drawn to Kellita are amazing, dynamic, caring, & smart.  You will feel surrounded by love and like you are part of a cast of glowing stars.”
    ~Lil Lionheart


    “I'm also noticing that after this experience...
    I feel more grounded and connected
    in general.  No matter what happens,
    I have a re-invigorated deep part of my body
    that is home and that is
    immensely comforting.”   

    ~ Katie C.


    “Thanks for not looking at me any
    differently than the size 2 next to me.

    It says a lot about the
    energy you exude and attract
    that none of the other girls did either.”

    ~Maddie Licious


    “I'm so grateful to be a part of The Showgirl Awakening experience. It came to me at the time when I was finally (after 36 years!) beginning to feel love for myself, especially my body. I had dreams I was convinced were impossible, and now they've started coming. Learning from you and dancing with you is a huge one!
    You are a fantastic teacher! So patient and loving, I have felt myself grow in self confidence and radiance. I finally feel able to work on releasing some very deep, painful childhood memories which I've let dominate my life. In your class, I've been able to tap into my inner strength to forgive myself and release so much pent up sadness.
    I danced and performed a lot as a child but stopped suddenly. It feels so amazing to my body and soul to be dancing and performing again! I'm grateful to you for the part you've played in me feeling at home with myself and in my body. For years I couldn't even look at myself in a mirror.”
    ~Bella Badonkadonk

  • “It’s like a dream come true. Don’t wait!” ~Holly A.